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I’m so so tired, I just been working in three jobs or going to school, or trying to party, and i don’t have my own room cause my friends are crashing there and i want to sleep so much but i have a 12 hour shift now, nonono



Jenny Holzer


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Brod discovered 613 sadnesses, each perfectly unique, each a singular emotion, no more similar to any other sadness than to anger, ecstasy, guilt, or frustration. Mirror Sadness. Sadness of Domesticated Birds. Sadness of Being Sad in front of One’s Parent. Humor Sadness. Sadness of Love Without Release.
She was like a drowning person, flailing, reaching for anything that might save her. Her life was an urgent, desperate struggle to justify her life.

Brod’s life was a slow realization that the world was not for her, and that for whatever reason, she would never be happy and honest at the same time. She felt as if she were brimming, always producing and hoarding more love inside her. But there was no release. .. She addressed her world honestly, searching for something deserving of the volumes of love she knew she had within her, but to each she would have to say, I don’t love you…. Nothing felt like anything more than it actually was. Everything was just a thing, mired completely in its thingness.
If we were to open a random page in her journal we would find some rendering of the following sentiment: I am not in love.

Everything Is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer


Female artists in their studios

1. Helen Frankenthaler
2. Louise Bourgeois
3. Alice Neel
4. Joan Mitchell
5. Frida Kahlo
6. Georgia O’Keeffe

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"I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to be anything. I want to disappear elegantly. I want people to look for my goodbye note and find nothing but smoke."

- How To Disappear (And Never Come Back Again) | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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Li Xiaodong Atelier, LiYuan Library, Beijing, 2011

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